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SCCM 2012 Content Distribution Settings


Im rolling out SCCM 2012 atm in our production enviroment and its going great! Migration jobs are running very smoothly, some hickups but that was expected.

I ran into a problem where my Task Sequences would not run and all the applications i tried to would not install in the client. In SCCM 2007 there where some problems (atleast in my setup) with this in the past, those errors where almost always permission related either with Network access account, IIS settings (Webdav…), or in some cases firewall settings. so naturally that was what i checked first but everything seemed fine. All the packages where green in status and where distributed to the right DP.

BUT! the settings for almost all my packages where “Manually copy the content in this package to the distribution point”
After i changed this to “Automatically…” and updated the DP everything started to run!

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