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Regional Settings depending on first 3 letter in computername in a task sequence.

January 31, 2013 Leave a comment


So i wanted to set regional settings depending on the first 3 letter in the computer name when i deploy it, the best way i found was to use a XML and set it with the control.exe command for example control.exe intl.cpl,, /f:”%temp%\Denmark.xml”

This way i can set keyboard layout, location and format.

this is what the task sequence looks like.


And under Options of each group i have a WMI query to check the first 3 letter in the name

SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Name Like “XXX%”

i Created 2 files, one XML file containing the country codes and one cmd file that copies the file locally and then executes it, for some reason just a “Run Command” step did not work.

the cmd is very simple, it copies the xml file from the DP to the temp folder. and then runs the control.exe command notice the dp0 has no \ as it is already included in the variable.

copy %~dp0Sweden.xml %temp%\Sweden.xml
control.exe intl.cpl,, /f:”%temp%\Sweden.xml”

This is what the step looks like


The XML file was a little bit trickier as it contains different country codes, the GeoID, sv-SE, and an ID, and you can ofcourse add multiple “InputLanguageID” if you want more keyboard layouts.

<gs:GlobalizationServices xmlns:gs=”urn:longhornGlobalizationUnattend”>
<!– user list –>
<gs:User UserID=”Current” CopySettingsToDefaultUserAcct=”true” CopySettingsToSystemAcct=”true”/>
<!– GeoID –>
<gs:GeoID Value=”221″/>
<!– UI Language Prefernces –>
<gs:MUILanguage Value=”sv-SE”/>
<gs:MUIFallback Value=”en-GB”/>
<!– system locale –>
<gs:SystemLocale Name=”SV-SE”/>
<!– input preferences –>
<gs:InputLanguageID Action=”add” ID=”041d:0000041d”/>
<gs:InputLanguageID Action=”remove” ID=”0409:00000409″/>
<!– user locale –>
<gs:Locale Name=”sv-SE” SetAsCurrent=”true” ResetAllSettings=”true”>

GeoID you can find here but you need to use a HEX to Decimal converter to get what you want.

And here are the Locale ID:s

here is a little more info on how to write the XML file


When you have created all the XML files and CMD files but them in your source folder and create a package from it. you dont need to create a program.


As a last step in the regional settings group i have a rule that sais if the first 3 letters are NOT any of for example XXX, CCC, FFF it will set Swedish


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System Center 2012!

March 29, 2012 Leave a comment


My name is Magnus Lundgren I live in Sweden and work for a medium size company. And I thought I would share my experience with the System Center suite.

We are currently running System Center Configuration Manager and Operation Manager 2007.
And I must say I love it, and that’s why I’m in my lab right now are running System Center Configuration Manager, Operation Manager, Service Manager and Orchestrator RC and are planning on rolling then as they go RTM.

I’m no expert in any of the System Center products all I write about will be stuff I teach myself or find on other sites about System Center.

During my lab as I have time I will update with posts on the experience. Next blog will be about creating applications in SCCM with .exe files if an msi package is not available.

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